Tuesday, February 14, 2012

His Messenger - Our Prayers 2011

His Messenger – Our Prayers,
Waterloo Region Museum,
September, 2012

His Messenger – OurPrayers 2011
Bronze ongranite
6.0 x 5.0 x4.5 feet

His Messenger – Our Prayers is a visual and tactile renderingof the relationship between Indigenous Peoples and the Creator. In many indigenous cultures, Eagle isregarded as the Creator’s messenger and burning tobacco, sage, sweet grass orcedar, a means of having our prayers rise to our Creator. Our prayers are carried on the wings of aneagle as it is set free in fire and smoke.

The prayerbeing offers is the Thanksgiving Address - Ohenton Kariwahtekwen. Icons and Mohawk text scribed into the bronzehighlight: The People, Our Mother Earth, The Grasses/Plants/Vegetation, TheThree Sisters, The Waters, The Wild Animals, The Trees/Bushes, Maple, The Birds,The Four Winds, The Thunderers, Our Elder Brother – The Sun, Our Grandmother –The Moon, The Stars, Teachers and The Creator

Art can bea powerful vehicle to share political and cultural perspectives. Hopefully, His Messengers – Our Prayers will help all peoples – native and nonnative – realize we sometimes need divine intervention to get the most out ofrespect, wisdom, good minds and cooperation. We should never think we can or need to face life toughest challengesalone.

David M. General

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